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Silvara 🍥
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Is a tiny waifish half-kender/half-dragon rogue snacking on elves mostly genderless, sapient-romantic female pokemon who likes to play with crops and pretends she can write unbiased feminist journeys featuring friendships, trust, prejudice and romance. The design of dArt deviations pages is not exactly text-friendly, so I have almost nothing posted here. If you want to read more, I'd advise to use one of the links above. Preferably one where you have an account so you can make comments. I welcome criticism.
Favorite genres: Romantic fantasy, Fantasy of manners, High fantasy, Romance, and Xenofiction, Noblebright proudly...
And someties, for some reason, also Grimbright colorful innocent looking Fairytales draped in Wonder, which get progressively coated in mists of Mystery, while spiced up with either heart-pounding Thriller, gentle D/s, or Tragic gothic undertones.
The rare few contemporary fiction she wrote ended up as Slipstream under a generous layer of humor and tongue-in-cheek references, before half of them were cruched under the unforgiving heel of her boredom. Attempts at science-fiction all ended up with too many psychological or fantasy themes to still qualify. So daybright fantasy it is.


Fanfiction: About 60 fanfiction in two languages total.
— Mostly Legend of Zelda (SS, OoT, HW)
— Also Fire Emblem (RD) centered on Heron Laguz lore.
— Has scribbled a few many SF novellas involving AIs, none posted here.
— And tons of other stuff in various fandoms you can find on the FFnet, PFcom, and A3O links.

Original works: Currently writing a series of epic fantasy feminist xenofiction set in an original world.
The Songs Of Den Essyl.
There dwell multi-gendered dryads (imagine high elves with no nose, huge irises and vegetal hair) humans, godly trees and earth golems, all sharing a world where hard magic is intertwined with spiritualism. Most stories are from the point of view of the dryads who struggles with their double-edged magic while weaving complicated schemes to survive from an unwhanted host of humans.
The Last Mortals of Den Onhum is the third independent book, and the first written in English. This one features the friendship between an immortal dryad lord and a poor young man. In the mix are action, racism, politics, xeno traditions, a peculiar form of telepathy and a mean amount of moirallegiance courting.
Yes, it sounds like Bard/Thranduil material from The Hobbit. Yet, I can assure you that this one has a distinctive taste.
So, 25'000 words long for this one so far and about 25'000 more to go by filling in some blanks and smoothing out things... Given the length, it's going to need about two betareaders before being published...

Huge fan of Zeldanime and of Staff of Gamelon doing a great job revisiting the CGI games and building something awesome!

—> [LLAMAS]: Would be happy if you sent one back. But don't feel obligated.
—> [FAVS]: Please don't thank her for the fav... There is simply no need. Through she'd love it if you commented or croticized a story or a stamp, instead. :) Thanks for your beautiful art!
In fact, all hidden comments on my profile here are those who had a "Thank you for the fav" without anything else in them. I hope that hiding them doesn't offense anyone as it's only the product of my compulsive need for minimalism.

Stamps showcase
Fiction on DeviantArt

Late entries


FE10- A Song of Silences
When he comes out, it's under a pitch black sky. A gentle breeze ruffles his wings and something about his kin being supposed to rise and sleep with the sun vaguely crosses his mind.
He hesitates.
They entered the Gallian forest a few days ago and the capital must stand but some miles ahead from the glade they are settled in.
With that last logical thought gone, he already finds himself stepping under the dark canopy of trees. He has just taken a couple steps ahead when her voice resounds with repressed anger, efficiently clearing his mind from its lasts shreds of sleep. "Rafiel? What's happening?"
Suddenly, the aberration of his numbing walk stops him dead in his tracks and a fierce blush burns his face. "Nothing," he nervously stutters, shaking his head. "I am sorry. I didn't think..."
A subtle movement of her eyebrows answers his words, dispelling any doubt about her current mood.
But she doesn't understand, and eight years of racial diplomacy don't care for context an
FE10- Radiant Dawn Supports[ C ]
It was a few days before the sundering of the army at the foot of the tower of Ashera. The last of the royal Heron family had just been reunited and was about to be alone for the first time.
Rafiel stood by one of the tents of the officers, his mind full, and a rare sense of conflict in his eyes. Nailah came to stand by him, her head reaching his chin. There was *an edginess about her, radiating so strong against his senses, tingling every now and then with tiny flickers of foreboding.
Though he was usually content of his height, this evening, it made the firstborn wish to be much smaller at that moment. Maybe that way he could have pretended not to notice the twitching *in her ears. Long years of compromises had taught him just enough about Wolf *laguz to know that it would be futile to inquire about it at the moment anyway. The buzz of her mind was low and as always, she was keeping a strict reign on her aura and feelings*...she had a
FE10- Call and BlossomLifelong Nests
In the first year of Rafiel's arrival at the city, it had not been a surprise for the prince to find himself faced with many questions as soon as his health became stable. The longest discussion he entertained had been with its queen. For all he knew about wolf laguz, Queen Nailah was an especially good listener. Her soothing voice and strong presence kept him from thinking too much about past events out of his grasp.
He had suspected, as most of her court did, that her title wouldn't allow for pleasantries very long, though.
He had tried to be ready for the day when another would come in her stead and he would never see her least on her throne, from afar. At first without realizing it, and then more and more consciously, he began to dilute his answers in order to keep her interest lit.
Sadly, in too short a time, they had discussed Beorc, Branded, Wolf and Heron laguz. From body language to laws, manners, and, when every other thing was s
FE10- A Time, A Pace, Places"Rafiel are you alright? ...You look a lot like your brother Reyson, but you're nothing like him. Reyson looks delicate, but on the inside he's all iron. You, on the other hand... I don't know. I worry that I might kill you if I shout too loud or something."
"That's enough, Ike. Rafiel is everything that herons are expected to be: quiet, elegant, and delicate. Those are words people use to describe herons, and he fits all three. Prince Reyson spent a long time in the care of the hawk tribe. No doubt he's picked up all sorts of quirks."
"He told me he wanted to be just like King Tibarn. What about you, Rafiel?"
"Well... Sure, it'd be nice to be a bit more like Tibarn, I suppose."
"Ike! Be quiet!"

There had been barely a month after the Goddess has been made at peace with herself again, the elder Prince of the Heron Clan realized.
Yet when they had had this discussion back then, he had heard the worry echoing in the Commander's mind, and hoped that agreeing on what Ike wanted to h

Characters: #Nailah #Rafiel


LoZ OoT- Questionings
Sheik hates the distance and the betrayal, but she can't afford being recognized under a superficial disguise, can she? Once in a while, the Hero takes her aback, and the false Sheikah forgets herself.
Episodic confrontations of Sheik and Link. Warning: Standalone chapters. May be continued.
1. Heart of Ice
Her first mistake happens in the heart of ice.
She had just finished teaching him the song, and she would already have teleported out of the Ice Cavern if its walls weren't so thick, and the exit currently obscured by the Hero of Time. Not that she needs to see her targeted area to make the trick work, but the way Link looks at her is getting more and more distracting from one temple to another.
He has already learned the futility of engaging her in conversation, so he remains quiet, only tilting his head in a careful question. Why has the elusive Sheikah still not fled?
The truth is that she is as surprised as he is of the fact. Before she can process it,
  LoZ OoT- Heteromance
          As many names as her soul can go by, she always holds one man close to her heart. The man is sometimes a boy, other, a distant relative, but love has varying expressions. Finally, they would find theirs. Perils could come; their forces were complete.
Fin'amor: Older, more liberal Latin equivalent for " courtly love".
Heteromance: Here, consensually romanticized friendship between man and woman.

          If there was one thing she had come to know over her mortal years, it was the heart of her Hero.
          She clearly remembered the day he had returned to her, a man again, with a newfound assurance in his steps, a testimony of maturity instead of blood
  LoZ OoT- Childhood Ashes
When he realizes he is in the alternate Hyrule he left three years before, he can't believe his eyes. When the Queen of the torn kingdom embraces him as a man, he learns that his real world is the crook of her arms. But a child cannot be a man...
He does not know what to expect when Zelda sends him back. He only understands that one of them, at least, has to remember to prevent it all. Peace of mind and solitude of heart clash in his head when he sees the innocence of her new eyes. He stops her and, with a couple spells and arguments, they convince her father too. They shorten the Gerudo's visit.
As soon as he is out of the kingdom, Link takes his leave - quickly and silently, before she can get used to his presence.
He tries to pick up the pieces of his childhood between the trees, in the glade of the wild children. But once a Kokiri leaves, he cannot pretend to return to the forest. A Kokiri who hurriedly left after the Great Deku Tree was murd

Characters: #Zelda #Sheik #Link



• She Will Have to Pay
Characters: (FierceDeity & Link) (FierceDeity x~ Hylia)


Intricate Definitions
Search Checksum
Abort; Drop; Reboot
Characters: (Tron x~ Alan x Lora) (Tron x~ Lora) (Sam) (Roy) (Ed.Jr ~x OC Basic) (OC conceptors ~x OC basics)


Radiant Dawn Supports 
Characters: (Rafiel x Nailah(Rafiel & Volug) (Rafiel & Tibarn) (Rafiel & Oliver) (Rafiel & Reyson)
A Time, A Pace, Places 
Tamely NSFW. Characters: (Rafiel x Nailah) (Ike)
• [Galdrar collection] Call and Blossom
Characters: (Rafiel x Nailah) 
• [Galdrar collection] The Shades in Sorrow
Slightly NSFW. Characters: (Tanith x Rafiel)



• Naming The Tree
Briefly NSFW. Characters: (Rafiel x Nailah) (Nailah & Tibarn)
• Don't Let Us Go Without A Sound
Characters: (Tibarn & Lorazieh) (Nailah Lorazieh) (Tibarn & Nailah) (Rafiel & Oliver) (Rafiel & Hetzel) (Sanaki) (Laguz Liberation Army) (Brief Rafiel x Nailah)
• [Galdrar collection] Of Rebirth and Balance 
Characters: (Lorazieh & Lehran & Rafiel & Reyson & Leanne) (Tibarn) (Slight Rafiel x Nailah)
• [Galdrar collection] Uneven Tides of Bliss
Characters: (Rafiel x Nailah) (Nailah & OC wolves) (Nailah & Volug)
• You Are My Sun And My Moon: A (AC) Character Study 
Characters: (Rafiel x Nailah) (Tibarn) (Ike)

Yearning to write

but musn't
because bunnies not worthy yet

- Ainurin lore around of the osawnë,
(Sauron/Mairon & Aulë) 
(feä!Orcs & Mandos) 
(feä!Sauron & feä!Orcs
(feä!Sauron x Mandos) 
(feä!Mairon x~ Manwë x feä!Eonwë)
(Olorin x Nienna)
(wraith!Celebrimbor ~ Talion)
(Thranduil &~ Tauriel)

~ is for moirallegiance
x is for romance
& is for all other positive relationships
Long Artist's Comments Stamp by aque-mizuharaResearch Stamp by Luthrai

  Writer's Stamp by LentertamentFantasy by ashestoConstructive Criticism :stamp: by kchuu
  Character Abuse by StamPorMoleCharacter Stamp by ArpieAssume Male FIRST by querulousArtisan
  Drizzt Fan Stamp by keelerleahElves Stamp III by lindowyn-stockThranduil stamp by WytefadeTolkien by Claire-stamps
  Mass Effect 2 Stamp: Mordin by KarithinaSheik Girl Power Stamp by CallistoHimeSheik is... by ryttu3kVulcan Stamp by explodingmuffins

Moirallegiance stamp by MisbegottenMisfitI don't like YAOI and YURI - stamp by lucianintendofan97  Panromantic Asexual Stamp by MerlineumGrey-Asexual Stamp by sunbirdsDA Stamp - Sexualities are not by phantompanther
Wheatley Stamp by ginacartoonP2 - Take a Deep Breath. by SpinningStarshine


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